Uphill or Downhill?

In the previous FMCG story, we read about how MSMEs are the cornerstone of the Indian economy. After the government included the retail and wholesale sectors under MSMEs, much growth has been attributed to the two sectors. November wasn’t a happy-go-lucky month for the consumer goods market. Amidst the Indian festivities, the consumer goods market got an out-of-sight hit, where the expected rise in demand and sales didn’t align with the sales in volume and value. There was a decline of 15% in the sales of consumer goods despite restocking efforts by kirana retailers in the run-up to Diwali of 2022. 

But this doom didn’t last long in the consumer goods market, where the sales rebounded in December, with a rise of 3-4% in value compared to November. December demands were better, and the sector is still ambiguous about predicting demand and sales. Much of this ambiguity is traced back to the performance of urban vs. rural markets. Though the overall sales augmented upwards,